Mini-SODAR installation in Stockholm

The Mini-SODAR consists of an antenna unit, an electronic unit with terminal and a central computer.

The antenna unit is transmitting strong tone pulses up in the air. Weak echo signals are detected and processed in the electronic unit. The electronic unit is calculating the wind speed and direction together with wind turbulence and temperature structure. All calculated data are transmitted to the central computer over the public telephone network or via the GSM network.

The central computer is a Windows NT workstation with software for communication with the Mini-SODAR system and for presentation of data.

The following information is obtained and calculated with the system at every height interval.

  • Wind components u(90 degrees), v(0 degrees) and w(vertical)
  • Standard deviation sigma u, v, and w
  • Horizontal wind Speed(U) and Direction(Theta)
  • Standard deviation sigma Theta
  • Temperature structure(stability) e for every 5 m interval

SODAR system. Description.

SODAR system. Photo.

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